Dear clients

The Calvià Town Hall has approved an extraordinary benefit for the rental of an habitual residence located in the municipality of Calvià, and for those who as a result of the economic and social impact of the Covid-19, have problems coping with the payment of their rent.

Applications can be submitted from June 3th until June 22nd, 2020.

People who are in a situation of economic and social vulnerability caused by Covid-19, or are in the following circumstances may claim:

a) Being unemployed

b) Being in a situation of temporary employment regulation (ERTE).

c) Be affected by a reduction of the working hours for family reasons, work or organizational
reconciliation, provided that they have dependent under age children.

d) Be self-employed and have suffered a reduction of income of 75%, or their business activity
has been suspended during the state of alarm.

Aid will be granted for a maximum of 6 months, reviewable every 2 months.

For rentals of up to a maximum of 900 euros, the amount of the aid will be 40% of the monthly rent.

For a monthly rental of more than 900 euros and up to 1,100 euros, the amount of the aid will be up to 30% of the monthly rent.


Global Consulting Team