You do not have to create an extra department or hire additional professional staff members to keep accounts for your company. Depend on an external consultant to do it. We can. We will take care of the accounting of your business These are some of the services we offer:
  • Preparation of the accounts. Arrange collection of receipts and checking of all the documents submitted by the company. Compilation of the accounting entries and accountable movements in agreement to the General Contable Plan (PCG).
  • Preparation of the accounts before closing. Making the following additional entries for the accounting period: adjustments, depreciation, provisions, corporate tax accounting .
  • Preparation of books. Making mandatory books under the Code of commerce and public administrations (daily, balances, VAT registration book).
  • Presentation of books. The mandatory accounting books will be presented to the competent body for its legalization.
  • Preparation of annual accounts. Once accounting is closed, the financial statements will be drawn that the company is required to submit to the Commercial Register to proceed to registration and publication.
  • Account presentation. The financial statements will be submitted to Registro Mercantil to proceed according to the requirements of time and form.
  • Accounting advice. Personal attention by our experts on a range of issues that may arise from the company about their accounting, consistent with the General Accounting Plan.
If you have been interested in our services and accounting advice you can also consult our services of fiscal, labor or juridical advising